Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition)

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What makes Biblio different? Facebook Instagram Twitter. Sign In Register Help Cart. Cart items. Toggle navigation. Stock photo. Search Results Results 1 -2 of 2. More tools Find sellers with multiple copies Add to want list. I am silent.

I apologise and am silent. What a fine day! Not too hot. A fine day to hang oneself. Thesaurus dreary: adj depressing, drab, dull, cheerless, drear, miserable, gloomy, dark, dismal, stuffy, disconsolate. Chick, chick, chick! What did the peasants want, nurse? The same old thing, the same old nonsense. Why are you calling the chickens?

The speckled hen has disappeared with her chicks. I am afraid the crows have got her.

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All listen in silence. Is the doctor here? Where are you from? The factory. There is nothing for it, then, but to go. Yes, it is too bad, really. You must come back to dinner from the factory. No, I won't be able to do that. It will be too late. However, let me bid you good-bye, ladies and gentlemen.

My estate is small, but if you are interested in such things I should like to show you a nursery and seed-bed whose like you will not find within a thousand miles of here. My place is surrounded by government forests.

The forester is old and always ailing, so I superintend almost all the work myself. I have always heard that you were very fond of the woods. Of course one can do a great deal of good by helping to preserve them, but does not that work interfere with your real calling? God alone knows what a man's real calling is.

And do you find it interesting? Yes, very. You are still young, not over thirty-six or seven, I should say, and I suspect that the woods do not interest you as much as you say they do. I should think you would find them monotonous. No, the work is thrilling. Astroff watches over the old woods and sets out new plantations every year, and he has already received a diploma and a bronze medal.

If you will listen to what he can tell you, you will agree with him entirely. He says that forests are the ornaments of the earth, that they Thesaurus ailing: adj sickly, poorly, ill, unwell, bad, indisposed, unhealthy, invalid, morbid, weak; n illness. ANTONYMS: adj exciting, sensational, exhilarating, electrifying, varied, stimulating, lively, exotic, emotional, rousing, gripping, stimulating; adj, v impressive; n, v enthralling, brilliant, flexible.

Anton Chekhov 17 teach mankind to understand beauty and attune his mind to lofty sentiments.

Forests temper a stern climate, and in countries where the climate is milder, less strength is wasted in the battle with nature, and the people are kind and gentle. The inhabitants of such countries are handsome, tractable, sensitive, graceful in speech and gesture. All that is very pretty, but it is also unconvincing. You can burn peat in your stoves and build your sheds of stone.

Twelfth Night (Webster's Spanish Thesaurus Edition) - [PDF Document]

Oh, I don't object, of course, to cutting wood from necessity, but why destroy the forests? The woods of Russia are trembling under the blows of the axe. Millions of trees have perished. The homes of the wild animals and birds have been desolated; the rivers are shrinking, and many beautiful landscapes are gone forever.

Because men are too lazy and stupid to stoop down and pick up their fuel from the ground. Who but a stupid barbarian could burn so much beauty in his stove and destroy that which he cannot make?

Man is endowed with reason and the power to create, so that he may increase that which has been given him, but until now he has not created, but demolished. The forests are disappearing, the rivers are running dry, the game is exterminated, the climate is spoiled, and the earth becomes poorer and uglier every day. But when I pass peasant-forests that I have preserved from the axe, or hear the rustling of the young plantations set out with my own hands, I feel as if I had had some small share in improving the climate, and that if mankind is happy a thousand years from now I will have been a little bit responsible for their happiness.

When I plant a little birch tree and then see it budding into young green and swaying in the wind, Thesaurus attune: v fit, tune, accommodate, reconcile, modulate, key, coordinate, adapt, harmonize, conform, tune up. Probably it is all nonsense, anyway. SONIA takes his arm and goes with him. When are you coming to see us again?

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I can't say. In a month? You have behaved shockingly again. Really, your behaviour is too petty. But if I hate him? You hate Alexander without reason; he is like every one else, and no worse than you are. If you could only see your face, your gestures! Oh, how tedious your life must be. It is tedious, yes, and dreary! You all abuse my husband and look on me with compassion; you think, "Poor woman, she is married to an old man. As Astroff said just now, see how you thoughtlessly destroy the forests, so that there will soon be none left. So you also destroy mankind, and soon fidelity and purity and self-sacrifice will Thesaurus fidelity: n constancy, devotion, dry.

ANTONYMS: adv faithfulness, adherence, allegiance, varied, easy, readable, lively, loyalty, faith, dedication, exactness; pleasantly, commendably, entertaining, enthralling, brisk, adj, n honesty, truth. Anton Chekhov 19 have vanished with the woods. Why cannot you look calmly at a woman unless she is yours? Because, the doctor was right, you are all possessed by a devil of destruction; you have no mercy on the woods or the birds or on women or on one another. I don't like your philosophy.

Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition) Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition)
Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition) Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition)
Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition) Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition)
Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition) Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition)
Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition) Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition)
Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition) Uncle Vanya (Websters Thesaurus Edition)

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