Sustainable groundwater development

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Sustainable Groundwater Development – Rural Water Supply Network – blog

It is important that we understand the factors that contribute to local, regional, or statewide groundwater shortages, the strategies that can be implemented to promote a sustainable groundwater supply, and what resources or tools are needed to implement these strategies successfully. It is time to take action to develop public understanding of the:.

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The National Ground Water Association calls upon the federal government to assist states, local agencies, and the groundwater profession in meeting this call to action. Approximately 75 percent of community water systems and nearly all of rural America use groundwater supplied water systems U. EPA In many parts of the country, surface water supplies are inadequate or unavailable, and groundwater is the only practical source of water supply.

Groundwater feeds streams and rivers, especially during periods of drought or low flow. Approximately 42 percent of agricultural irrigation water is groundwater Hutson It was 21 years ago that I was first confronted with manual drilling.

I had just started my PhD research at Cranfield University. This is the fourth and final post in a series of four blogs entitled "Professional Borehole Drilling: Learning from Uganda" written by Elisabeth Liddle, and a RWSN webinar in about professional borehole drilling.

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It draws on research in Uganda by Liddle and Fenner To get access to this content you need the following product:. Springer Professional "Technik" Online-Abonnement. Water Resour Manag 19 5 — CrossRef. Agric Water Manag 95 7 — CrossRef. EIS Disaster management in Maharashtra.

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Sustainable Groundwater Development: use, protect and enhance

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Sustainable groundwater development
Sustainable groundwater development
Sustainable groundwater development
Sustainable groundwater development
Sustainable groundwater development
Sustainable groundwater development
Sustainable groundwater development

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