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Enyo is a framework that was developed by Palm for WebOS, and it subsequently became an open source project supported by LG Electronics for use in their TVs and other products, as well as for use by anyone as an OS-independent framework for mobile apps. It is a good choice for apps that need a Web framework that was designed to provide consistent UI for a family of standard apps that come with a device, as well as 3rd party apps.

Enyo isn't about mimicking iOS or Android native apps. Enyo is also an object-oriented framework, which is another aspect of Enyo that needs to be sampled before you decide to use it for your app development. Enyo: Up and Running is, like Enyo itself, concise, fast, and focused. The author works at LG on developer relations, so the information in this book is authoritative and up to date. February 14, - Published on Amazon.

This book is great. I was participating at an app development contest and decided to use Enyo for my entry.

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I was an Enyo newbie and purchased this book to see if it could help me grok the Enyo way. I read it all in one day and went on to code my app. I won 3rd place at that contest. I credit the easiness of development and how quick I could turn my software into a quality entry to this book.

Enyo: Up and Running. Build Native-Quality Cross-Platform JavaScript Apps

Thanks to the clear explanations and concise writing, I could use Enyo without headaches or confusion and could focus on my business logic. This book is small but that makes it very easy to follow and it teaches you enough Enyo to go build your own apps. After reading it, I no longer needed to keep checking the docs or worry if what I was doing was the best practice.

My Enyo knowledge is far more advance now than it was before reading this book. To work with the classes property, you must add CSS classes to a style sheet. In general, it is better to use classes in an app for two reasons: a component is more reusable if a style is not embedded within it and by using a CSS class you can modify the style from a single place.

Enyo provides applyStyle to update an individual style and addStyles to add styles onto the existing styles of a control.

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Enyo: Up and Running

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    Enyo: Up and Running Enyo: Up and Running
    Enyo: Up and Running Enyo: Up and Running
    Enyo: Up and Running Enyo: Up and Running
    Enyo: Up and Running Enyo: Up and Running
    Enyo: Up and Running Enyo: Up and Running

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