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The solutions presented from Military Communication Systems are used not only in Turkey but also in many countries around the world to meet the communication needs in platforms extending from missile platforms to land, air and naval platforms.

TASMUS, Tactical Area Communications System is a network centric communication infrastructure that enables obtaining a common picture of the battlefield in near-real time and sharing data among battlefield systems in near-real time. The system includes radiolink package, switch, crypto device, Airborne Platforms and Air Traffic Control Tower Communication System provides rotary and fixed wing airborne platforms and air traffic control towers with voice and data communication solutions and Tower Radio Communication Systems.

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In addition, Systems built on IP-based technologies help provide high performance, ease of integration and reductio Installed wavefor ASELSAN Soldier Radio provides voice and data communication capability to the soldier in the field, ensuring connectivity with the members of the squad or the team. The Radio is a small, lightweight and robust radio. The radio's full-duplex cap Software configurable architecture enables supporting various radio waveforms and EPM techniques. Beyond line of sight communication is made possible ba Beyond line of sight communication is made possible b It is compatible with all military and commercial telephone networks.

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The field phone is made lighter and smaller. It is suitable for fixed or mobile us In the tactical field, ICS satisfies communication ability to the crew in the mobile It supports remote control of the radio, remote vo Thanks to its 2 RS interfaces, it allows connection with distant systems at various topologies. The user interface including a 3x12 chara Combined Interrogator and Transpo In this context Tactical Data Links are used to establish information superiority in the battlefield.

Integrated communication systems for the maritime market

Information superiority enables fast and accurate decision It has a working frequency band of MHz and a channel spacing of 25 kHz. One major application is in disaster response. With a communications system, firefighters, police and paramedics can coordinate their efforts with other government officials. A communications system is an integrated system of communications hardware. This can include transmissions equipment, relay stations, tributary stations and other data terminal equipment.

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A communications system can even include other communications systems. A good example would be a regional emergency response communications system that connects several different cities and allows them to respond to a disaster by integrating systems they have installed for their own police and firefighters. Communications systems can include optical communications networks such as fiber-optic cables, radio and even power line communications.

A sophisticated system might mix and match these different types of media.

Another distinction in types of communication is duplex communications. Duplex communications allow both parties to communicate to each other at the same time. Examples of communications systems in action include tactical networks that allow armed forces to stay in touch with central command securely.

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Another major application is emergency communications systems that allow officials and first responders to send messages to each other and to the public, such as through the U. Yet another communication system type is an automatic call distributor, which queues calls from outside an organization for routing to certain people. These are typically seen in call centers. Toggle navigation Menu. Communications System.

Communication Systems Communication Systems
Communication Systems Communication Systems
Communication Systems Communication Systems
Communication Systems Communication Systems
Communication Systems Communication Systems
Communication Systems Communication Systems

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