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In 90 minutes, pupils can explore the gardens on different topics with or without questionnaires. The river valley runs for almost 20 kilometres! Read more about Berlin's Marzahn-Hellersdorf district. More about Berlin's neighbourhoods can be found in the Going Local app. Temple in summer at the Gardens of the World Berlin Marzahn. Flower bed at the Gardens of the World Berlin. Temple in spring at the Gardens of the World Berlin Marzahn. Surrounded by an idyllic and enchanted park, Schloss Biesdorf - freshly renovated since autumn and extended by one floor - offers art,.

Show details. This pleasant river with clear waters. Skip to main content. Discovering the world's cultures through their gardens The extensive Marzahn Recreational Park, today better known as the "Gardens of the World", was opened by the East Berlin city government in to commemorate the city's th anniversary. Location: Sri Lanka Background: Dating back to about , this ancient city is as complex as it is imposing.

Gärten der Welt Berlin (Gardens of the world) | funmiwordpig.tk

From atop the massive granite slab—dubbed Lion's Rock—onlookers peer down over a vast system of terraced gardens, winding irrigation paths and rock sculptures. Why It's Unique: Sigiriya has three main gardens: a water garden, the terraced garden, and a boulder garden. Unlike most rock gardens, the rocks in the boulder garden cannot be repositioned with a few strokes of a rake—they're legitimate boulders.

In fact, the rocks are so large that a foot-tall throne is carved into one. The legacy of sites like Sigiriya provide invaluable insight into the early days of agriculture, and to think of the rudimentary tools used during its construction makes the site that much more impressive. Location: Cambridge, Mass.

Background: This modern mashup of a French Renaissance garden and a Japanese Zen garden sits on the roof of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization that works on high-risk, groundbreaking projects. According to the website of the Splice Garden designer, Martha Schwartz Partners, "the garden became a cautionary tale about the dangers inherent in gene splicing: the possibility of creating a monster.

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The hue of green emanating from the ground is the work of colored gravel and green paint. Despite the dearth of genuine vegetation, the final design still provides a calm space for scientists to contemplate protein folding and stem-cell differentiation. Location: Monaco Background: Opened to the public in , Le Jardin Exotique, or the Exotic Garden, is home to an array of cacti and other succulents. If visitors grow tired of hundred-year-old cacti and plants imported from Africa, Mexico and the Arabian Peninsula, they can wander into the nearby cave and check out some stalactites, stalagmites and helictites.

Why It's Unique: While the Exotic Garden may seem like a traditional botanical garden, most of the plants are embedded in the rocky coastal cliffs of Monaco. Stairways carved into the terrain allow visitors to get a better view of the plants without having to scale the cliffs, and small observation areas provide astounding views of the coastline through the flora.

The sublime climate of the region allows plants to bloom year round. Location: Around the World Background: There are thousands of people around the world who are active aquascapers—men and women who spend countless hours cultivating spectacular landscapes in fish tanks. Some enthusiasts enter their work in competitions, while others merely seek the satisfaction that comes from difficult design work.

Gardens and Castle at Kroměříž, Czech Republic

Larger-scale aquascapes are often displayed at aquariums, and maintaining the vitality of plants submerged in a tank of water poses a host of challenges not associated with potting a few geraniums. Why It's Unique: Aquascaping is a craft that requires dexterity, patience and a preternatural sense of composition and scale.

Callaway likens the practice of aquascaping to working on a bonsai tree or even fabricating a Star Wars -like movie set. Even if there are fish there, unless it's a fish you know, you don't know how big that fish is," he says. Location: St. Luke's International Hospital, is this pleasant rooftop garden. The design is pretty straightforward, but there are benefits to it that may not be apparent.

Why It's Unique: People have long extolled the therapeutic benefits of gardens, and a growing number of studies are providing fact-based evidence showing these benefits to be tangible. Callaway points out that there are certain factors that need to be accounted for in the design of a garden for a hospital or healthcare facility. For instance, a continuously looping garden is ideal for patients with Alzheimer's disease, and designers should keep in mind paved pathways and the steepness of inclines for patients in wheelchairs.

While Seiruka Garden is conventional in terms of design, having a peaceful retreat at a hospital—whether as a patient, doctor or visitor—is invaluable. Location: International Space Station Background: Manufacturing food for astronauts and packing it on a shuttle is a costly process that wastes precious cargo space.

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Being able to grow food while traveling could prove invaluable for long-distance space travel, providing nutritious meals while helping to filter carbon dioxide. Why It's Unique: This small plant-growth chamber creates a microgravity environment for plants to grow in.

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Location: Portland, Ore. Background: Seattle-based artist Buster Simpson was commissioned to install his Host Analog concept at the Oregon Convention Center in the early s. In order to do so, he dragged in a year-old, wind-toppled Douglas fir from the Bull Run watershed—the municipal watershed of Portland—and all the fungi and flora that had started to grow on it. Every country has a garden heritage and we aim to celebrate it.

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Alongside articles on famous gardens, we also specialise in finding the out-of-the-way garden, often in a country that may not realise that it even has a garden heritage. All aspects are covered: the history of gardens and their creators, modern restorations and modern disasters, the challenges of maintaining and presenting gardens and the views and controversies of professionals and amateurs alike. Current issue. Book reviews. About us. What Do We Cover?

A World of Gardens A World of Gardens
A World of Gardens A World of Gardens
A World of Gardens A World of Gardens
A World of Gardens A World of Gardens
A World of Gardens A World of Gardens
A World of Gardens A World of Gardens
A World of Gardens A World of Gardens
A World of Gardens A World of Gardens

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